I grew up playing with blond blue-eyed dolls. And, my favorite movies and fairy tails all told the same story: Boy meets girl, boy saves girl, boy marries girl and they lived happily ever after. So, I married my boy dolls to my girls dolls. But, I did not fit in to that story.

The harder I tried to fit in, the more I felt wrong. As an adult, I finally learned to appreciate the way I look and realized that I was a girl who wanted to marry a girl. 

As I look back, I think that it would have been easier if I had toys, movies, and stories that showed different family compositions, people who identify as LGBTQ, people of color, people with disabilities, and the list goes on. Representation matters and builds self-esteem and also helps a child develop a strong sense of who they are. 

So, I decided to start making dolls that reflect the diversity of our communities and families (and you can find these in my shop). I thought it would be equally, if not more important to share my favorite children's books about diversity. I hope to share at least one title every Sunday. 

To kick off this series, I would like to share two stories. The first is "Same Difference" by Calida Rawles. It's a story about two cousins who love playing together, but that all changes when they suddenly realize how different they are. Listen to the story below to find out if they ever play with eachother again. 

The second story is "And Tango Makes Three" by Justin Richardson. It's a story about two boy penguins who start a family of their own. Listen to the story below to find out how they do it. (By the way, the author based this story on actual events at the Central Park Zoo.)