I have been obsessed with Marie Kondo's Tidying Up on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, you should watch it. It's about organizing the things you own, based on what sparks joy in your heart. What resonates with you. 

It made me think of my sleepy baby keychains. They spark joy in many people. When I first made them, I thought that they would be a great gift for kids to put on their backpacks. 

Then I got an order for a breastfeeding class. The ladies in the class wanted them for their diaper bags. A grandfather visiting New York from Japan bought them as souvenirs for his grandchildren. A student graduating college bought 12 as graduation gifts for her friends (carefully picking out ones that looked like each friend). 

I loved each reason for buying my keychains. But my favorite customer was a little boy who was with his parents. He must have been one or two years old. His dad was holding him. "Pick out a baby," he told the little boy. The boy was white with blond hair. He picked out a dark brown baby in a bright blue outfit. 

What attracts people first are the colors, the handmade nostalgia of the stitches. Then the uniqueness of each little face encourages people to search for one that may resemble someone they love. Finally, they place one in the palm of their hand and I see a smile come over them when they think, "this is the one that sparks joy."