Today I received a few great questions via email: "I was just curious but how do you become a part of NY handmade Collective? Does Etsy contact you? Or is it something you apply? I’m interested in how Etsy works beyond selling items online."

I thought these were great questions and I wanted to answer them on my blog so you can know the answers as well. 


I sell on Etsy. Here is a link to my shop: Etsy is an online selling platform for handmade goods, vintage products, and materials/supplies for making crafts. The Etsy platform has many neat features that help sellers promote their products, keep track of statistics and finances. 

Etsy has been known to organize in-person markets, however, these are very few and are mostly used to promote Etsy. Etsy created a Team page where sellers can self organize. Team members can ask questions, promote each other and even organize in-person markets. Teams also can apply to Etsy for sponsorship. 

NY Handmade Collective

The NY Handmade Collective is an Etsy Team. It is a group of over 200 Etsy sellers. It's a great way for sellers to get exposure and learn from other team members. 

The team has been around for many years and is a registered non-profit organization, its own legal entity separate from Etsy.  To become a member of the NY Handmade Collective you have to apply. Applications open twice a year. Here is a link with more information: 

Selling Outside of Etsy

Etsy provides its sellers with tools to sell outside of the platform, like Pattern and Square. Pattern is a website builder and Square is a credit card processing system I use when I take orders in person. Both tools synce with my Etsy shop, so I never have to worry about selling the same product twice. This website and blog are powered by Pattern. I like providing my customers with different ways to shop 

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to answer more.