Recently, I heard from friends and family that their one complaint about Etsy is that it takes SO LONG to get their packages. Each Etsy shop has it's own shipping policies and prices, which accounts for the guessing game. 

That being said, my shop is different. I offer free shipping on all items. My ready made items are packed the same or next business day, depending on how late a get the order (Last night, I was out singing Karaoke with my boss and co-workers, and I got a notification for an order. When I got home, after 12 am, I was so excited I packed it immediately). 

So, if you would like to order a custom made doll for that special someone, or a voodoo doll of your X, your last day to order is January 19, 2019. This gives me enough time to pick out fabrics, make the doll and ship it to you. 

If you need an embroidered Valentine, the last day to order to ensure delivery by Valentine's day, is February 6, 2019.