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My First Published Coloring Book is Now Available Online

I published my first coloring book, "Pins and Needles: A Bilingual Coloring and Activity Book." I am elated! You can purchase it at

I dedicated the book to my mom because she taught me how to sew and gave me my first machine, a 1937 Singer. Because she worked so hard to support our family, she never had time to learn English. Now that she is retired, she's taking English classes. I'm forever proud of her.

The book contains three main parts. The first section is made up of illustrated sewing tools, each labeled in English and Spanish.

The second part has an illustrated sewing pattern for a flag garland. It's a great way to spend time with your child on a quiet activity, introduce them to a new craft and build memories. The last section has activities that your child can complete on their own, like connect the dots, drawing, and of course more coloring. I hope this book helps fuel your child's curiosity not only in the textile arts but in other cultures and languages.

Please let me know what you think and share pictures by tagging your child's creation on Instagram @maquina37co. Enjoy!


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