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I published the "Classic Cars" coloring book last year, celebrating Malverne's Fall Festival and the 29th Classic Car Show. It features cars from the 1920s to the 1980s. And of course, our lovely Cinema on the cover. 


The Malverne Cinema & Art Center opened in 1947. And since then, it's been the location of many marriage proposals, family reunions, and countless parties. It has been the heart of the town. 


All Cinemas have hit hard times, and our Malverne Cinema is no exception. So, I've partnered with the Cinema and the Malverne Chamber of Commerce to raise funds for the historic theatre. When you purchase a coloring book, I will donate 50% of the profits to the Malverne Cinema & Art Center.


There are many other ways you can help the Cinema:

Classic Cars Coloring Book

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