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Drawing for Change Creators

As Change Creators, we are constantly trying to send information or get people together for a cause. And, we are in constant need of visual aids. Often finding the right image is difficult. And, if we find one, it doesn't look professional, or doesn't fit the overall look of the project. Many times, there is not enough money in the budget to pay an illustrator or pay for an image license.

But what if you could draw exactly what you needed for your next project? Yes, you! What if you invested in yourself and learned the foundations for drawing and digitizing art? It would make your life easier. You could work faster and become an asset for your organization or cause.

In partnership with, Awakening Creatives, I developed a series of five classes that will help you turn the doodles on a piece of scrap paper into meaningful hand-drawn compositions that you can use for a social media post, a digital event invitation, a printed brochure, or a framed work of art for your wall.

Everyone has a visual style, even if you think that you can't draw. You have a way of communicating with pictures. In the first class of the series, Embracing Your Visual Language, we will get to know our art supplies, learn how to experiment in our sketchbooks, and develop our visual language.

In the second class, Color Theory & Composition, we will explore how color, lines, and shape convey mood and emotion. We will also study composition, color schemes, and other design elements that will help your image stand out.

Next, in Telling a Visual Story, we will learn how to select subjects for our drawings that will best illustrate our message.

In the fourth class, Introduction to Drawing, we will dive into learning how to draw. We will learn how to draw from life and from a photograph. I will demonstrate drawing with my good old pencil and sketchbook and then with my iPad and Apple Pencil. I'll also show you where to gather analog and digital royalty-free images for your next project.

Lastly, in Digitizing Artwork, we will learn how to digitize artwork, using a cell phone camera, digital camera, or scanner. I will walk you through how to use Adobe Programs to get your image ready for the web or print.

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