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Mil Mundos Now Carries My Coloring Book

Bookselves in Mil Mundo bookshop. The shelves are filled with books.
Image Courtesy of Mario Licato

Mil Mundos Books is the bookshop that celebrates Black Latinx and Indigenous heritage. They want to encourage people to learn Spanish in a way that resonates with the surrounding community. They even have a Bad Bunny beginner vocab course.

It makes me so proud that Mil Mundos is carrying my coloring book, "Pins and Needles."

Pins and Needles is the first coloring book I published. It was inspired by and dedicated to my mom, who immigrated to the united states from the Dominican Republic when she was 26. She had 7 children and quickly found a way to support them through her work as a factory seamstress.

Our family landed in Washington Heights in the early 80s and 90s. And at that time, the area had a massive drug and crime problem. In the middle of all this, she created a safe haven for us to grow and thrive.

This coloring book teaches children Spanish vocabulary about sewing. These are the words I grew up with, "hilo de coser, aguja, and alfileres." Still, more importantly, it captures this idea that you can make anything and create your own future, no matter how humble your origins are.

The book has a sewing pattern encouraging families to slow down and sew together.

A book shelf with two hand written signs: Coloring Books and Libros Para Colorear. In the middle of the bookshelf there is a book titled Pins and Needles: A bilingual coloring and activity book.
Image Courtesy of Mil Mundos


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