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Six Details to Include in A Creative Brief

What is a creative design brief?

A creative design brief is a road map that contains all of the essential details about your project and helps guide the artist. A good creative brief outlines your goal, vision, and parameters. Below are all the important details you should list in your brief.

1. Contact Information

Communication is vital in every collaboration. Let the artist know the best way to reach you when they have questions or want to share their progress: Email? Text? Phone? Zoom? There are so many to keep in touch.

2. Relevant Information About You : )

Let the artist know relevant information about you, your company, and your values.

3. Project Description

Tell the artist about your vision. What do you need the artist to illustrate? Do you need the artist to include any important text in the final image? How will the illustration be used? Will the image be printed, if so, on what material? Will you sell the printed material? Will this illustration be published online or in print? Will you share the image on social media? Can the artist share images of the project on their social media?

If you have a mood board already prepare, you can include it with your creative brief. Read more about mood boards.

4. Deliverables

How many illustrations do you need? What dimensions should the image or images have? Some printing companies need the illustration to be slightly larger than the final product. Do you need digital files? If so, what types of files are best for your project? What should the file size be?

If you are not familiar with file types and sizes, you can ask the artist for advice. Some illustrators don’t mind working directly with a third party. All you need to do is ask

5. Critical Deadlines

When do you need the final deliverables? When does it need to go to the printing company? When will it be published? Do you have any important launch dates or presale dates?

6. Budget

Don't be afraid to let the illustrator know your budget. Your illustrator will let you know what's possible within your price range and deadline.

If you need any help writing a brief or need a quote for a project, reach out to me at I am happy to help.


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