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LGBTQIA+ for Kids: A Coloring and Activity Book by me, Raquel Busa. This coloring book contains beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and activities that help teach children concepts about assigned sex, gender, and queer relationships. The suggested age for this book is between seven and ten years old. And, as with any other publication, it is enhanced by the guidance of an adult. I drew all of the illustrations myself in Queens. I was inspired to create this book so that queer families have more representations of themselves. And, to give queer children a few words to help express how they feel as they grow and develop. This coloring book is essential for all children, so they may understand different people, perspectives, and feelings. Hopefully, one day, the world can be a more inclusive place. The book is 8.5 x 11 in softcover and has 50 pages. I hope you and your child enjoy this book and share your work with me on social media @maquina37co #LGBTQforKids.


Read about what inspired me to create LGBTQIA+ for Kids on my blog. Find the answer key to the activities on the blog too. 

LGBTQIA+ for Kids: A Coloring and Activity Book

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